maandag 3 oktober 2011

24 Hour Comics Day

This year, I finally popped my 24 Hour Comics Day-cherry. My attempt to create a 24-page comic in as many hours ended in what is known in the 24HC-lingo as a Noble Failure: I got to 17 pages.

I did however manage to make a rounded story, and all things considered I'm quite content. And: I had a blast. Well, this vid by Michael Minneboo speaks for itself (yes, that's me in the screenshot, having that blast).

I don't have a title yet. But once I found one, I will make a small press-booklet (also with a cool cover) to sell at Comicons. So look me up there to find out!

NB I drew the pages as spreads, so the left half is one page, the right half is the next page.

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